Re: [NTLK] Memories of eMate

From: Michael Wittmann (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 11:26:14 EDT

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 09:47 AM, Mark Rollins wrote:
> On a related note, I don't know if anyone has remarked how the current
> 12" iBook is a worthy eMate successor. Basically in almost the same
> footprint and weight, you have a very fast color unit, AirPort capable,
> FireWire in, VGA video out with DVD playback and CD burning.

Being in the state of Maine, where 7th and 8th graders are slowly taking 
delivery of the iBook they will be using, I can say that the 
relationship is VERY clear to me (I work in education research, 
associated with folks like Seymour Papert who are working to make this 
program succeed).

I happen to have stopped using my Newton at the conferences I go to. It used to be my workhorse note taker, with a great mix of writing and sketching (when needed) possible, long battery life, and so on. Now, though, I use the iBook. With the wake from sleep being so quick, and it not needing to be on the whole time, it also lasts a whole day (or more). I type faster than I write by hand (the Newton keyboard being too damn loud anyway), I don't have to look at what I'm writing, and I get more information and side commentary about the presentations noted. Sure, it's huge, but in a lap during a session, it works.

So I've been wondering whether I should head toward a Palm OS system for the date/calendar/names features, and keep the iBook for the note-taking and longer work (together with having my entire work library with me in the process). But I'm sticking with the Newton for now...

Michael Wittmann

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