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Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 12:09:17 EDT

Nice to see someone else from Maine on the list, having just joined it
the other day myself. I just applied for a job at a school district as
an IT manager, so if I get the job it'll be interesting to see firsthand
how these iBooks will hold up. I've had a 500Mhz iBook for the last few
months myself, and have really enjoyed it despite the lack of processor
power and RAM I currently 'enjoy'.

I have an iPaq that'll remain my daily carry once I get my Newton, which
I just traded my Palm IIIc with someone for. But the Newton has some
pretty significant advantages that I intend to take advantage of around
the house, such as trying to get a WiFi connection going with VNC so I
can control aspects of my network system remotely without having to lug
the iBook. I'm really thinking a combination of WiFi and VNC can make
one heck of a remote control system.

As to input devices, what I'd -like- instead of the iPaq would be one of
those new Zaurus models with the retractable keyboard cover running
Linux. Or even one of the new Sony handhelds with the flip screen and
camera. But if I had that much money, I'd already -have- the job I just
applied for. :)

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Being in the state of Maine, where 7th and 8th graders are slowly taking

delivery of the iBook they will be using, I can say that the
relationship is VERY clear to me (I work in education research,
associated with folks like Seymour Papert who are working to make this
program succeed).

I happen to have stopped using my Newton at the conferences I go to. It
used to be my workhorse note taker, with a great mix of writing and
sketching (when needed) possible, long battery life, and so on. Now,
though, I use the iBook. With the wake from sleep being so quick, and it

not needing to be on the whole time, it also lasts a whole day (or
more). I type faster than I write by hand (the Newton keyboard being too

damn loud anyway), I don't have to look at what I'm writing, and I get
more information and side commentary about the presentations noted.
Sure, it's huge, but in a lap during a session, it works.

So I've been wondering whether I should head toward a Palm OS system for

the date/calendar/names features, and keep the iBook for the note-taking

and longer work (together with having my entire work library with me in
the process). But I'm sticking with the Newton for now...

Michael Wittmann

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