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From: Polenta Marco (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 11:58:11 EDT

> on 18.06.2002 17:13 Uhr, Gary Moody at wrote:
> > But, you can take
> > pride in your national accomplishments. Those are the things that were
> done
> > right...where society excelled...sometimes, in spite of (or because of)
> all
> > the wrongs.
> Personally, I would rather take pride in what the human species as a whole
> has accomplished rather than the inhabitants of any one particular nation.
> Nationalism is a concept which is well past its sell by date IMHO.
I agree with you. I think nationalism is just stupid. Being nationalist
means to think "WE are better than you". But what does it mean that? Is it a
genetic, historic, religious, anthropologic or politic assertion? Or just
bullshit? What does "WE" mean? What does "better" mean? What does "you"
Personally, my heart beats close to Mahathma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Gino
Strada, Albert Einstein and many other human beings, regardless of their
genome, history, religion, skin color. They make me proud to be alive, not a
football team, nor a flag.
Excuse my bad english, but if only my ancestors should have continued to
rule the world, we should write in latin...
(Just kidding)

Marco, accidentally born in Italy, citizen of the world, Newton user, free
(and different) thinker.

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