[NTLK] The final guide: WEP with Noguchi's WaveLAN driver

From: Johnny Haeusler (jhaeusler_at_mac.com)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 10:30:32 EDT

I wrote this because I couldn't find all the info combined and some things
were never really clearly pointed out. using WEP with the driver took me two
days and when it finally worked, I was wondering why no-one ever posted all
the little things to keep in mind because it is working like a charm.

so here it comes, feel free to use it on your sites if you like it. this was
written for OS X, but it'll work under 9.x as well.

--- WEP with Noguchi's WaveLAN driver ---

In the Airport Admin Utility on your Mac (if you didn't do this already),
select the option to use WEP and enter a password. Activate the new setup
(if it is new...).

Click the symbol looking like a lock on the top of the Airport Admin Utility
window on your Mac. A popup window will tell you an alternate password.
Write that down (or keep the window open. :))

On your Newton, open the settings for the WaveLAN driver (in your "worksite"
setup which you find in the "owner info" slip). Make "WEP Key" hexadecimal
(not string) and select "use WEP". Enter the alternate code that the Mac
gave you on the line below those settings, BUT: Use capitals for the letters
in the alternate key. WEP won't work if you don't do this! So if your
alternate key on your Mac is "123ef34e54", you need to enter "123EF34E54" on
your Newton.

Of course, all other settings in the driver must be correct as well (network
name or "SSID" etc.), but those shouldn't be hard to figure out.

Close the setup and the "owner info" slip.

When you check mail or connect to the internet in any other way, make sure
to select the proper worksite and of course the right card when the
connection slip pops up.

Happy WLANing. :)


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