[NTLK] Alternative to Now-Up-To-Date

From: Caitlyn L. Antrim (caitlyn.antrim_at_verizon.net)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 10:28:59 EDT

There is a program called Clockworks (Century Software,
http://www.centsoft.com) that runs on the Mac and synchronizes with
the Newton. I like the program and it has its own sync routines, but
I was still using Organizer for names (and I like it's menu bar
features a bit better) and decided to keep just one program. Styill,
it is a good program and I believe you can download a demon from
Centery Software.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 04:22 PM, M.E. Vittes wrote:
> I want to synchronize my dates and names from the Newton with Now
> Up-To-Date. Is there a way of doing so? I have Now-Up-To-Date 3.9.2
> running in Classic on my iBook running OS 10.1.5 and Now Synchronize
> 2.1 on
> my MP2100. The Newton says it connected but nothing happens on the
> iBook.
> Alternatively, is there some other Mac-centric calendar I can use on my
> desktop that will connect and synch with the Newton?

Caitlyn L. Antrim

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