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Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 14:47:48 EDT

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>> Well, I lost. Jumped at the end... Oh well...
> So did I. I am not experienced at using eBay but I was prepared to
> bid more than the final price which is irritating. It just
> skyrocketed in the last few seconds. Is that the way it usually works
> on eBay?

It's always like that. There is almost always someone waiting at the very
end that comes up with a bid. I can certainly set the maximum amount I want
to pay, but I hate loosing by a buck or two. So, I always try to check at
the end of any auction. Usually, if I know I'll be able to check, I won't
bid until the very last moment. That way, I don't make the high bidder
suspicious and put more chance in my bid. Most of the times, the highest bid
is just a few dollars above the second highest.


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