[NTLK] Battery Info

From: Chris_at_Backstage
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 07:43:57 EDT

Just some short info on a nearly dead battery:

I got the battery dead. Since it did not accept a charge (preliminary charge
and then deeptoast), I put it in the fridge and cooled it to about 10C.
Recharged, got 300 min. out of it. Used Battery Counter. But it died at just
over 5V. And then very fast.

So I recharged it, and it was full after 10min. The next use was 100 min. So
when it was empty for the Newton, I attached a little light bulb and let it
burn for several hours. I think two or three. Well, I forgot about it and
suddenly I saw the bulb wasn't burning any more.

Put it in the Newton, preliminary charge and the deeptoast, the little
put-it-in-the-fridge-game and it charged for just under one hour. Use
BattTrax. Very normal charging curve. This gave me 650 min. of use!!!

The next charge was nearly the same. I'll have to see how long it stays. But
since someone here had a similar report, I guess the battery wasn't used
some time before and / or maybe just one cell is not as good as the others.
So, really empty the battery and fully charge it . That seems to recondition
a battery, which at first seems to be dead, in some way. I guess slow charge
would be even better but I don't have the time for that sort of experiments.

Hope that helps people with thought-to-be-dead batteries.


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