[NTLK] Overclock - Reset after switch?

From: Chris_at_Backstage
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 07:43:56 EDT

Hello all Overclockers,

I saw a 5Mhz for 1,75Eur/$ and couldn't resist. Except from taking the old
crystal off the board, it was easy. I am still looking for a nice, small

Is it recommended to do a reset after switching speed? Someone (I think Mrs.
Stephanie) wrote earlier, that the Newton could run for some time without
any crystal - then I guess a reset would be best to prevent problems.

Let me recommend 220Mhz to everyone. You don't get a whole new Newton, but
it feels much snappier. HWR is faster, and if I mark something I don't have
to wait so long for the Newton to accept it. It simply feels good. Use a
switch, so in any case you can switch back.

Has anyone a stable Newton with more than 220? What is the next crystal? Is
there a variable crystal (like 3-8Mhz) for experiments?


P.S.: Something I probably should have asked before:

But what is the difference between rosin and acid core electronics solder?

What is that parallel, 18-20pf. spec?

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