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From: Sushi (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 20:28:54 EDT

>On 6/21/02 @ 6:24 AM, Robert Benschop wrote:
>>on 20-06-2002 10:53, Peter Cameron at wrote:
>>Depends on the data. For the Notes data you could use
>>a card. Refile the items you want to archive onto that
>Or a cheaper version would be to export them to your desktop.
>(if you have one, of course ;-)

Another possibility is a combination of the two, assuming that you have a
blank card and a desktop computer.

Say you want to store all 2001 notes and remove them from your Newt for
safe keeping, but may in the future want to access them.

First, move all notes with 1 Jan through 31 Dec 2001 to the other card.

Then backup the card to your PC/Mac.

Once you have the notes backed up to your desktop PC/Mac, then erase the
card, and repeat this process as necessary based on how you want to break
your notes down.

If in the future, you want to reload the notes, just do the process in

Another possibility, if you have many cards like Woo, is to use one card
per major topic/area. Then just periodically back up the cards for

And last but not least, you can export most note information to desktop
files. Unfortunately, you can't transfer all information this way.

Hope this helps...


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