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Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 20:35:21 EDT

I'll end this discussion, It's the Government and there flying UFO's.....
It's the Big one Liz-e-Beth..........

On Thursday, June 20, 2002, at 08:30 PM, Mark Bock wrote:

>> Didn't match any 'officially' known aircraft...or is it a RAMjet?
> Well, seeing as there are no manned ramjet-powered aircraft in
> existence yet (at least none that have been acknowledged to exist)
> it's hard to say... Again, the seismic activity attributed to sonic
> booms was mentioned as possible evidence of the existence of Project
> Aurora, the supposed SR-71 replacement, which is purported to be a
> hypersonic spy plane powered by ramjets or scramjets. But if Aurora
> exists (or existed some years ago -- might have been cancelled), it's
> among the blackest of black projects and is unlikely to be
> acknowledged for some time. (Also interesting to note is that four or
> five SR-71s, plus the trainer aircraft, were quietly reactivated in
> the mid-'90s -- evidence of Aurora's cancellation?)
> Still curious how the "donuts on a rope" photo figures into all this
> -- was Aurora powered by a pulse detonation engine instead of a
> ramjet? Or was that peculiar contrail the product of some other
> unacknowledged aircraft?
> And what really crashed in Roswell in 1947? (According to a History
> Channel special, it was a spy balloon -- a classified aerial
> listening post that was supposed to be able to pick up Soviet nuclear
> detonations -- so when it crashed the government covered it up by
> claiming it was a weather balloon. Interestingly, this balloon was
> purportedly carrying several test dummies which were mistaken for
> aliens by freaked-out locals.) And wouldn't it have been more
> convenient for Jeff Goldblum to carry a Newton instead of a Powerbook
> when infiltrating the alien spacecraft (sorry, I had to work a Newton
> into this SOMEhow...)?
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