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From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 22:45:47 EDT

somewhere near the temporal coordinates of 6/20/02 8:30 PM, the entity known
as Mark Bock transmitted the following from

> Still curious how the "donuts on a rope" photo figures into all this
> -- was Aurora powered by a pulse detonation engine instead of a
> ramjet? Or was that peculiar contrail the product of some other
> unacknowledged aircraft?

We probably should move this off list...

But, yes, the 'donuts on a rope' is often interpreted as a PDE (but not a
PDA :-) ). Although it's damn peculiar even for a PDE. Hmmm... I'll have
to put that in my "interesting problems to tackle someday" journal -- it
should be possible to do a quick & dirty calculation and see just how
energetic those 'pops' have to be to keep the thing moving at an average
speed of, say, Mach 7. My gut feeling is that it would be one hell of a
bumpy ride...

- Eric.


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