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From: Woo Lee (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 23:17:17 EDT

>And there's nothing quite like the roar when an F-16 on full afterburner =
flies by. Sounds like the sky is being torn open.

Geez, how close were you???
>That guy (can't remember his name) who tried to pull a crashed B-29
>out of Greenland a few years back (there was a Nova special about it
>-- painful to watch because they put massive amounts of work into
>restoring this B-29 to flying condition on location -- one of the
>team members even dies -- and then as they're about to take off the
>B-29 catches fire and is destroyed) built himself an F-104 out of
>spare parts. Yikes!

That sucks, all that effort, tragic loss of a life, and failed recovery. =
I hope he used really strong glue on that 104. :-p
>Among my biggest grins are seeing the last remaining flyable B-29
>banking over downtown Burlington on final approach to BTV, and seeing
>a TBM Avenger flying along the beach, maybe a few hundred feet up, a
>number of years ago. Modern aircraft are cool, but WW2 aircraft in
>flight bring a lump to my throat.

Cool, an Avenger in attack mode(sorta).
Yeah, amazing what is made/tried when you have to, and all that in less =
than 50 years since Kitty Hawk.

!ooW %-)
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