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From: Mark Bock (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 08:53:09 EDT

>>And there's nothing quite like the roar when an F-16 on full afterburner =
>flies by. Sounds like the sky is being torn open.
>Geez, how close were you???

Pretty close. It was at an airshow. Two different airshows, actually.
But I also see F-16s in flight regularly because the Vermont Air
National Guard flies missions out of the local airport every day
between noon and one (they've been very active since Sept. 11 flying
patrols for NORAD).

>Yeah, amazing what is made/tried when you have to, and all that in less =
>than 50 years since Kitty Hawk.

What totally amazes me is the amount of progress made in the 20 years
after WW2. We went from piston-driven prop planes to Mach 3+ spy
planes in less than 20 years.


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mark bock

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