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From: John Goggan (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 09:04:37 EDT

James Mackey wrote:
> No need to apologize. I found it very intertaining that immediately
> after the auction, a handful of people were so upset, and would have
> paid enormous amounts of money for those Newtons. But when push came
> to shove and the tables were turned, the same people raised hell
> about a measly $5.

Um, I think you are confused. These are not the 28 auctioned Newts that
people were discussing (and some saying they wished they had bid more). These
are the leftovers from Mike's trash that many of us paid $70-$80 each for only
to find out that the majority of them had severe alignment problems.
Completely different Newtons. I didn't see many people that were "so upset"
that would have paid "enormous amounts of money" for the crap that we bought
from Mike that is almost unusable in many cases.

Second, no one "raised hell" about shipping. He said he was too busy to check
shipping and would therefore just guess $15 each. I politely stated that I
thought that was too much, looked up various shipping and insurance options at
USPS, and determined that they could be shipped for almost half that -- so
recommend that $10 might be a better estimate. He agreed and made the

No big deal. No raising hell. Why is that people think that others can't
have a normal discussing with disagreeing opinions without it being "raising
hell"? Harry and I were not arguing, fighting, or anything else. I simply
made a recommendation after doing some research that he didn't have time to

Plus, again, these are cheap Newtons that are leftovers from a purchase that
most of us were NOT overly happy about the outcomes. Saving myself $15 does
make a difference to me. And, again, it was NOT the auction that you thought
it was, so what you suggested really does not apply. People were NOT in line
to pay enormous amounts for these -- which is why they were still sitting
around after the rest of us picked through what were supposed to be the best
ones (at $80 each) weeks ago.

 - John...

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