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From: Woo Lee (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 17:08:09 EDT

>What I wouldn't give just once to see an SR-71 taking off.

=2E..or be in one going full throttle :-}
=2E..or standing on a 'secure' platform while the SR-71 passes at eye =
level a thousand feet away(with really thick ear covers PLEASE!).
=2E..or do barrel rolls at 90,000 ft.(actual altitude not disclosed-it's =
classified) :-P
>I'm just glad that there are a few still flying. There are some aircraft =
that should never become completely extinct; the SR-71 is one of them. =
(The B-29 is another -- currently only one in the world
>in flying condition, but apparently soon to be joined by a second.)

Absolutely, too many people take flying for granted.
My biggest grins are...
=2E..747-400 banking towards the landing strip a few hundred feet above =
me. %-}
=2E..F-15D with 50+ft. of 'orange tail'. :- ]
=2E..SR-71 standing still while I approach from the side, jaw dropping to =
the gearbox-hand stripping gears as the 'blade with landing gear' takes my =
full attention(mind racing-how fast can it go?!?-how high can it go?!?-I =
gotta get me one of these!). :-)))
=2E..Fokker Tri-Plane(*goosebumps*)
=2E..Videoclip looking over Jerry Dunphy's (rest his soul) shoulder while =
he flies a B-29.
=2E..P-38 with all 5-guns blazing.
=2E..Mosquito's wood frame
=2E..F-86's 'big intake'.
=2E..Hercules with full barrage to light the ground underneath.
=2E..anybody got a F-104 I could 'borrow'?

!ooW %-)
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