[NTLK] eMate 300 Reborn

From: Ermin Mistica (angel316_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 02:27:09 EDT

Dear Newtonians,

Has anyone checked out the new-due-out-soon Dana by AlphaSmart? Itís the
eMate 300 reborn only with the Palm OS. Already it doesnít equal the Newton
but I am glad to hear of another device for the educational market that
pushed the idea of a PDA over a laptop for K12 sections. I mean itís cheap,
easy, rugged and (hereís the computer enthusiast in me aka geek) itís
digital!!! I used/am using my eMate for all note-taking in all my college
courses and it has proven indispensable, invaluable and just plain fun. Many
of my friends and the casual classmate has asked where to get one, and
unless they want to make the splurge and invest in a discontinued computer,
no matter how vastly superior to Palm it is, there is not other
alternativeÖunless they invest in another recently discontinued computer,
the Vadem Clio. In comes AlphaSmart with the Dana and itís about time. I
think I will get one when they come out. Check out the AlphaSmart website or
www.pdabuzz.com <http://www.pdabuzz.com/> for a review and see what others
think of it on their forum.


PS: Afterthought, my bad, the Clio was just purchased by another company for
the medical community. I wish Newton were only so lucky.

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