[NTLK] WLAN Dell Truemobile 1150

From: Miquel A. Pujadas (greennewt_at_eresmas.com)
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 02:46:13 EDT


I've contacted Hiroshi and he has included de card ID in his driver so the
card is recognized on the Newton. It now works, I just need to work in my
net configuration to make everything work together.
I suppose he'll include it in the next revision.

I recall someone keeping actual images of the working cards. I'll gladly
mail him scans of it.

In case anyone wanted more info on this card:

The client manager utility of my Dell Truemobile 1150 reports:

PC Card Type-II Extended Variant 1, Version 4.02
    PC Card Type-II Integrated Gold Card
    Enhanced WEP encryption allowed
    IEE high-speed data rates
    Serial no: XXXXX
    Card ID: NIC 00101-04002

    Primary functions firmware Variant 1, Version 4.04
    Station functions firmware Variant 1, Version 6.16
                Firmware ID: CFW 03101-06016

Its label:
Dell Truemobile 1150 Series
    Lucent technologies
    DS/N TW-057FUY-XXXXX-16S-00MR
    DP/N 057FUY C/O TW
    Encryption: 128RC4



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