Re: [NTLK] IEEE 802.11b

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 05:10:51 EDT

> I have a 50ft Ethernet
> cable so I can sit out on the back deck and surf when I want to. Yes the
> cord is a hassle at times but it is a lot cheaper than a base station and
> card.
I aggree with you completely. The wireless is a sort of luxury only. I
already pulled an ethernet wire outside the house up to the room of my son
and it is relatively easy to branch that wire to feed the room of my
daughter too. Even if you consider that the cable got 4 pairs and only 2
pairs are needed per connection. Thus I'll very likely re-crimp the ends of
the existing cable with two connectors at each end or use a small hub at the
upper level rooms.

The wireless thing is intriguing because I see sets (basestation card and
one remote PCMCIA card) for little money in our electronics discounter.

With best regards / Viele Gruesse

Marco Mailand

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