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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 04:16:23 EDT

on 6/22/02 1:43 AM, Laurent Daudelin at wrote:

> GeekGas (or was it GeekGaz?). Should be on UNNA.

GeekGas is on UNNA, but it's not good for tracking business mileage. It's
only for gas mileage. You could ignore the gallons part, however.

I suggest using Pocket Money. I used it for years. There is a frequent
flyers account, and I just put in my total miles into the amount total. I
would start an entry with the beginning mileage in the notes, and when I
finished, I would write in the ending mileage. I forget how I did it, but I
used some extension to calculate the mileage. (I wrote the miles like this:
"ending mileage-beginning mileage" or "78000-77620") Then I would hilite it,
and I think I hit assist. I don't remember what extension it was, but it
would calculate the answer. I just tried it, and it was a function of
QuickFigure Lite. :-) Anyway, the total miles goes into the amount part of
Pocket Money. You can use the other fields to set it up as you like. The
description would probably get your destination. I used a category,
"business miles" for the category. Since I used Pocket Money to track my
business travel expenses, everything was in one app. It usually stayed open
on my Newton. I did this for about four years, and it never caused me a

I liked MPG, but it was another app, so I didn't buy it.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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