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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 12:40:54 EDT

on 22/06/02 11:18, at wrote:

> Thanks for the RTFM ;-) I have been using SimpleMail since the first versions
> but have never had a problem. Just to be sure I RTFM again and double checked
> my setup. Can't see any problem.
> This is the first time I have attempted this wirelessly and attempted mail
> retrieval from Comcast on my Newt so I am wondering where the issue is. As I
> said in my first post, NetTime and Nethopper are working so at least the NIE
> setup appears to be working.
> If anyone else has any ideas on how to trouble shoot this myself, let me
> know. I loaded the diagnostic pkg and can post that info if anyone thinks it
> will help.

I don't use SimpleMail, but if your settings work for NetHopper and NetTime,
then I think it's clear that you're missing something in SimpleMail. I know,
you said you checked all you're settings and RTFM, but I would suggest that
you go again with the manual and follow the instructions exactly as
outlined. There are probably thousands of users using SimpleMail that have
it perfectly working for them, and I highly doubt that going wireless is the
problem since NetHopper is working fine. So, it must be something missing in
your settings. Sorry!


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