Re: [NTLK] SER-001 - Thanks!

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 14:18:26 EDT

on 6/22/02 11:37 AM, machula at wrote:
> Is there an experienced "Peter" in this neighbourhood who can open up
> my newt when I get that SER-001 thingie? Im in Amsterdam, in de
> Jordaan...
    Getting an MP2x00 open the first time is a little nerve-wracking. The
case is quite tight and a bit of brute force can be required. It will also
make horrible sounds as the case parts snap apart. If your Newton has been
opened before (for an upgrade or repairs) it comes apart quite easily.
    But, if you follow David's instruction sheet carefully the installation
is quite easy.


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