[NTLK] NuShields (was Re: SER-001 - Thanks!)

From: Keith and Sharon Isley (isley_at_iowatelecom.net)
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 16:37:22 EDT

I agree with Barb about the NuShields. Used one for a week and got so
frustrated with the contrast/visibility issues - especially after it got
dirty - that I decided to go bare (with a Cross stylus, a microfiber
cleaning cloth and daily alcohol cleanings).

I'm sure I'll put some small scratches in my screen (in fact, I've noticed a
couple of slight ones already), but my Newt is a working machine, not a
museum piece, so that doesn't bother me too much. I'm just going to do the
best I can.

Nothing against the company, certainly - they definitely work as advertised
- I just wasn't personally happy with the result.


> Installed my nushield today, I,m not sure if that adds to my
> happiness... need the light now for sure to see the screen. seems the
> sheets are a little too short (seen from the newt in portrait mode)
> the shield is not tucked under the rims either at the top or the
> bottom. But hey, in world-order-perspective thats a eenywheeny tiny
> thing.

> Cheers, Barb

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