Re: [NTLK] NuShields (was Re: SER-001 - Thanks!)

From: Sushi (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 16:50:30 EDT

For me, I've found in low and high light conditions, the NuShields work

During the in between times they do seem to cut down on visibility.

However, after removing the past 3-4 NuShields, and seeing what they have
prevented scratch and abrasion wise, I will continue to use them 100% of
the time.

...after all, there is no replacement in sight...

And once you've scratched your screen, you can't unscratch (if there is
such a word) it!

...and after seeing what happened to my Newt 110, with a what I thought
was a clean stylus, I will always use a screen protector.


>On 6/23/02 @ 5:37 AM, Keith and Sharon Isley wrote:
>I agree with Barb about the NuShields. Used one for a week and got so
>frustrated with the contrast/visibility issues - especially after it got
>dirty - that I decided to go bare (with a Cross stylus, a microfiber
>cleaning cloth and daily alcohol cleanings).
>I'm sure I'll put some small scratches in my screen (in fact, I've noticed a
>couple of slight ones already), but my Newt is a working machine, not a
>museum piece, so that doesn't bother me too much. I'm just going to do the
>best I can.
>Nothing against the company, certainly - they definitely work as advertised
>- I just wasn't personally happy with the result.
>- KAI
>> Installed my nushield today, I,m not sure if that adds to my
>> happiness... need the light now for sure to see the screen. seems the
>> sheets are a little too short (seen from the newt in portrait mode)
>> the shield is not tucked under the rims either at the top or the
>> bottom. But hey, in world-order-perspective thats a eenywheeny tiny
>> thing.
>> Cheers, Barb

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