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Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 00:30:53 EDT

on 22/06/02 23:49, Dan at wrote:

>> 2) I noticed the size of NIE2.0 and it's components - pretty big. I'd
>> like to not have them in effect when I don't need them, but want to
>> leave them Internal. Does putting them into a "folder" other than
>> Extensions pull them from memory or does it (as I suspect) simply change
>> a tag in the soap?
> well in regards to this, you can freeze packages so they are no longer
> taking up heap. I wouldn't move them, just freeze them. I believe it
> should be built into the 2000 just go to extras hold down over the icon till
> you hear a squeek and the icon stays selected, then tap the routing icon and
> select freeze. Then just tap the package icon later to unfreeze it. If the
> freeze option is not in there, then you can install a package to do it.
> Like stand alone freezer and it should be on UNNA.

Actually, the functionality is there, but it's not accessible. Standalone's
FreezeUtilities makes the function visible, plus it offers other
functionalities, like tapping on a frozen package will thaw it and will
freeze it back when you close it.


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