Re: [NTLK] New Newts!!

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 08:36:22 EDT

>> I have just spoken to GEM Enterprises. They inform me that they have two
>> brand new, in the box, never opened MP2100's for sale. Price is $600.00.
>> If you're interested, you can contact:
>I have ask Gem one month ago and they still have 5 brand new in box Newton
>2100 and they wanted "only" $500.... :-(
>I wouldnt be surprised if gem has a spy on this list so that they know when
>they actually have sumthing we want so that they can price it accordingly.

Let me state for the record, they have no one on this list. I mentioned
to them that I was, and they made the request that I post it. As for the
price, I suggested that it was too high, but Robin said that they had
sold them at this price before. They are on eBay as well for $500 as the
starting bid. The source is a pharma company that had custom Newtons
with special software installed. No data, just the software. You can
keep or delete as you wish. I have no connection with GEM, just passing
along information.

Mark Ross

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