Re: [NTLK] New Newts!!

From: James Mackey (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 10:15:48 EDT


Oh, well I must be mistaken. Please give me the URL for the a current drug
database such as LexiDrugs or ePocrates. Oh wait, they don't write it for
Newt OS anymore. Well how about a conduit for Documents to Go? Ok, then I'll
settle for a Palm OS emulator. No? Maybe an EZ Show card, or the equivalent,
so I can give presentations?

>From: Sushi >Reply-To: >To: "Newton Talk List"
>Subject: Re: [NTLK] New Newts!! >Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 16:54:06 +0900
>>>Jim, >>Very presumptuous of you! >>There may be some of us who have the $
to spend and would rather have a >pristine Newt for $600. You know, many of
us purchased our Newts when >they were new for over $1,000. >>...oh and BTW,
those same some of us may also purchase the cheap ones as >well. >>As for
your comment: >>>it is obsolete and bulky, and nobody is writing any sexy
>>new modern programs for it. >>Huh? >>Lot's of new developments going on
these days. >>Some very exciting ones already released and others coming
downthe pike. >>>Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. >>Oh well, I
guess a bunch of us must not only be green but also >delusional. ;-) >>
worries here... >>Kind of reminds me when the Apache came along. Great
aircraft, but >complex and very hard to maintain. However, it was billed as
making the >Cobra obsolete. >>Low and behold, the simple antiquated and
obsolete Cobra is still being >called upon as recently as the war in
Afghanistan. And the Marines have >plans to continue using them out through
2025. >>Hmmm... >>If the Newt does what I need it to do, then to me that is
not an obsolete >nor useless platform. >>As for the size, personally I
preferthe big screen and view the smaller >ones as having a handicap.
Especially when it comes to handwriting >recognition -- even for those who
have hard to read chicken scratching! >>A different perspective from a
formerPalm, Pocket PC and other handheld >device user... >>My 2 cents!
>>Sushi >>>On 6/23/02 @ 3:50 PM, James Mackey wrote: >>>>No, I think GEM is
just pining for suckers (or collectors with more money >>than brains). But
they must be selling stuff at those prices because >>*someone* is buying. I
would rather have 6 used 2100s for the same money and >>have enough spare
parts to last the next 20 years. I'm not afraid of opening >>the thing up to
put in an accelerator or replace a skanky backlight (oh, did >>I say
"skank"?hope I didn't offend any strippers subscribing to the list). >>Just
keep in mind that even though the Newton is a great platform and a lot >>of
fun--it is obsolete and bulky, and nobody is writing any sexy new modern
>>programs for it. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. >>>>>From:
"LA GREEN" >Reply-To: >To:
>> >Subject: Re: [NTLK] New Newts!! >Date: Sun, 23
>>Jun2002 02:29:36 -0400 >>>I wouldnt be surprised if gem has a spy on this
>>list so that they know when >they actually have sumthing we want so that
>>theycan price it accordingly. >>LAG >>>>From: Gwen >>Reply-To:
>> >>To: >>Subject: Re:
>>[NTLK] New Newts!! >>Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 07:58:51 +0200 >>>>>>Mark Ross
>>said at =D2[NTLK] New Newts!!=D3. >>[23/06/2002Dim 03:47] >>>>>>>>I have
>>justspoken to GEM Enterprises. They inform me that they have >>two
>>>brand>>new, in the box, never opened MP2100's for sale. Price is
>>$600.00. >>>If >>you're interested, you can contact: >>>>I have ask Gem
onemonth ago and >>theystill have 5 brand new in box Newton >>2100 and they
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