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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 15:39:34 EDT

on 23-06-2002 7:43, Jon Glass at wrote:

> I forgot. There is also a utility by the same person, called "Freezeman"
> which allows for freezing and thawing groups of icons. This way, you
> wouldn't have to move them out of the Extensions folder to make freezing and
> thawing easier.

Please stay clear of FreezeMan, though I use and have used a lot of
Standalone's stuff and overall most is very good, FreezeMan was one of the
few apps that ever managed to really screw up my Newt.

I once posted about this on the list and the number of negative reactions
made me even stronger in my belief that it's buggy.

I did use NewtCase's Extension Manager (or was it Package Manager ? they
both come with NewtCase) but in the end bought a 2100 and stopped using
LunaSuite so didn't really need it anymore.

BTW, NewtCase comes with Gesture Launch that is probably the best interface
ad on utility for the Newt, tied with Dash Board in my humble opinion ;-)

> All that said, on a 2100, you will not be finding heap to be an issue.

I think he said he has a 2000.

Robert Benschop

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