[NTLK] [ANN] nug.newtontalk.net

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot_at_kallisys.net)
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 15:53:29 EDT

Hi all,

NewtonTalk.net, the community-run organization that provides you with
NewtonTalk mailing list is now offering free web hosting for Newton
User Groups in addition to free web hosting for Newton developers.

NewtonTalk.net is hosted by Bill Shamam from Guns. The list is
administered by Victor Rehorst, with help from Grant Hutchinson and
me when he is away. I'm also responsible for developers and NUG web

NewtonTalk.net couldn't exist without your support and donations.
These donations exclusively went towards server's hardware and the
bandwidth. Thank you very much for your support!

If you are a Newton software/hardware developer or if you lead a
Newton User Group and you want to be hosted by NewtonTalk.net, please
feel free to contact us at webmaster_at_newtontalk.net.

You'll find the list of developer's websites at:

You'll find the list of Newton User Groups' websites at:

Note: LANUG pages aren't available yet. It is not a configuration
error, it's just that Woo didn't upload the pages yet :)


Home page: http://www.kallisys.com/
Newton-powered WebServer: http://newton.kallisys.net:8080/

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