[NTLK] USB to Serial Adapter Antics

From: David Firth (djfirth_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 23:56:50 EDT

I am annoyed. I should have done my homework. However, the Belkin USB to
Serial adapter for Mac was on the clearance shelf and came with those
colored slide on flavor covers and I couldn't help myself. I bought it and
can't get the darned thing to work with my iBook 500 and my MP 2100.
Belkin's docs and site says it works with Newt. My experience under OS 9.2
(no OS X on my Mac) is that the Belkin adapter sw locks up my iBook solid
when trying to use Newton Package Installer or even ZTerm. I seem to have
lost disk 1 of my UNNA archive and wasn't online to download one of the
other connection kits, so NPI was my test program of choice.

I disabled and then deleted the Belkin extensions and ordered a Keyspan dual
serial (USA-28X) based on good comments on the net. I am waiting for
delivery. Would appreciate guidance on any gotchas when installing or using
this adapter with a Newton.

And where should one dispose of a mistake like the Belkin? Maybe I should
have tried a different color cover ;) If the problem is an OS 9.x thing,
someone running OS 8.x is welcome to this thing for the cost of a Starbucks
gift certificate :)

David Firth
djfirth_at_earthlink.net (Newtontalk list only)
djfirth_at_mindspring.com (Mac, Newton email, & General)

Apple iBook 500/640/10G/DSL Apple Newton 2100

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