Re: [NTLK] USB to Serial Adapter Antics

From: martina wilson (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 00:15:18 EDT

i have had the same frustrations with the serial belkin hub. it works
only occasionally in 9.2, and the regular usb hub locks up my system
frequently as well. i too have thrown mine to the good riddence pile.
i found the cheaper route to be the purchase of the wireless card and
driver. it costs about the same as the keyspan and works great! thanks
to way wong for the demo and use of his card to try at the last LAnug
meeting. i got my card this past sat and it's worked great!

vice pres LAnug

On Sunday, June 23, 2002, at 08:56 PM, David Firth wrote:

> I am annoyed. I should have done my homework. However, the Belkin USB to
> Serial adapter for Mac was on the clearance shelf and came with those
> colored slide on flavor covers and I couldn't help myself. I bought it
> and
> can't get the darned thing to work with my iBook 500 and my MP 2100.
> Belkin's docs and site says it works with Newt. My experience under OS
> 9.2
> (no OS X on my Mac) is that the Belkin adapter sw locks up my iBook
> solid
> when trying to use Newton Package Installer or even ZTerm.

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