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I can say I'm proud to have seen two of the SR-71's and an A-12 up
close. I saw my first one, an A-12 up close on the Intrepid in New York
City. The second one was at the Strategic Air Command museum (pretty
much the only thing to see in Nebraska) and the third was parked and
deteriorating rather depressingly at the Castle Air Museum in central
California. The condition of the one on Intrepid was pretty good, SAC's
bird was absolutely amazingly well maintained (of course) but
Castle's... The cover on one of the engine openings was loose, the poor
thing was starting to -rust-. It was depressing as all hell. I was so
bummed by the condition of it, I didn't even walk across the parking lot
to get close, figuring I was just going to get even more upset if I saw
the damage more clearly.

My pictures of the 'Redneck SR-71' at SAC help cheer me up though. And
why do I call it 'Redneck'? Because it's up on blocks in the foyer,
just like a redneck would park his four tireless pickups.

- Josh
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>As for the SR-71, the planes went to museums or the bone yard.
>While out of service, many of the technologies used in the SR are still
>As for SW, they are still up and running.

So are a number of SR-71s. A small number of them were reactivated in
the '90s.


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