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From: Mark Bock (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 08:52:27 EDT

>I can say I'm proud to have seen two of the SR-71's and an A-12 up
>close. I saw my first one, an A-12 up close on the Intrepid in New York
>City. The second one was at the Strategic Air Command museum (pretty
>much the only thing to see in Nebraska) and the third was parked and
>deteriorating rather depressingly at the Castle Air Museum in central

When I was a kid I saw the YF-12A at the Wright-Patterson Air Force
Museum in Dayton, Ohio. And I've seen the A-12 on the Intrepid from a
distance (didn't have time to go up close). And I know the National
Air and Space Museum in DC has an SR-71, but I'm not sure where
they're keeping it. It might be in their restoration facility in

It's a shame the Plattsburgh air base across Lake Champlain from me
has been shut down; SR-71s used to operate out of there from time to
time, and apparently they'd occasionally accidentally go supersonic
over Vermont and break a bunch of windows. What I wouldn't give just
once to see an SR-71 taking off.

I'm just glad that there are a few still flying. There are some
aircraft that should never become completely extinct; the SR-71 is
one of them. (The B-29 is another -- currently only one in the world
in flying condition, but apparently soon to be joined by a second.)


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