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From: Karel Jansens (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 18:17:35 EDT

On Saturday 22 June 2002 19:04, Michael J. Hu▀mann wrote:
> ( wrote:
> > I thought the V1 was a conventional jet or Rocket powered? I
> The V1 was a pulse-jet powered, cruise-missile type of craft. There were
> also rocket-powered designs developed in the late 30s/early 40s: apart
> from the V2 (A4) surface-surface missile there was the "Rheintochter"
> surface-air missile, the rocket-propelled He 176 and Me 163 aircraft,
> and the Ba 349 "Natter", a semi-kamikaze type of craft (the pilot was
> supposed to land by parachute).

ISTR having come across drawings for a German jetfighter, powered by a
coal-fueled whirlbed. I'd love to know how far they got with that one!

Karel Jansens.

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