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Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 09:34:47 EDT

on 6/24/02 9:24 AM, Mark Bock at wrote:

>> I believe it's at the Dulles facility, which is due to open up in a few
>> years or so.
> I know it landed at Dulles when it was decommissioned and flown out
> from Beale, and was on display there for a while. Didn't realise it
> was still there. I'll have to look for it next time I'm at Dulles.

I think they're calling it the Garber facility (?)... There's not much to
see, as I believe all the aircraft are inside.

>>> I'm just glad that there are a few still flying. There are some
>>> aircraft that should never become completely extinct; the SR-71 is
>>> one of them. (The B-29 is another -- currently only one in the world
>>> in flying condition, but apparently soon to be joined by a second.)
>> At the risk of propelling this off-topic discussion further... It would be
>> great to see a B-36 flying.
> God, yes!
> I saw the world's only B-29 in flight a couple years ago when it was
> flying into Burlington International Airport to be on display for a
> week. I was walking to lunch downtown when I heard this deep rumbling
> overhead -- there's nothing like the sound of those four huge radial
> engines. I looked up and my jaw hit the ground. Never in my life did
> I think I'd see a B-29 banking overhead (followed by a B-24, no
> less!). Damn, those are impressive planes.

And I thought I was doing good that day when I was visiting Luray VA, having
lunch near the bell tower, and a B-24 & B-17 flew over in formation. Where
is the B-29 kept??

> --mark


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