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From: Mark Bock (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 09:58:34 EDT

>And I thought I was doing good that day when I was visiting Luray VA, having
>lunch near the bell tower, and a B-24 & B-17 flew over in formation.

That would be awfully nice to see too!

>Where is the B-29 kept??

It belongs to the Confederate Air Force and spends pretty much all of
its time either flying around the country for air shows and static
displays or in maintenance. I think its home base is somewhere in

It was on display at BTV for a week or so a couple summers ago. Very
impressive. I had the opportunity to tour it and even sit in the
pilot's seat -- an experience that may seem mundane but was actually
quite profound.

What's really a shame is that seemingly all of the Confederate Air
Force guys are very old -- seems like they're all either WW2 or
Korean War vets and won't be around much longer. Hopefully the number
of people interested in restoring and maintaining WW2-vintage
aircraft won't decrease to the point of nonexistence.

There's a second B-29 currently undergoing restoration at Boeing's
Wichita facility (see Amazingly, many of
the people working on the restoration are the same ones who worked
the B-29 production lines in the '40s.


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