[NTLK] Simplemail and Works

From: shabaz_at_tiscali.co.uk
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 17:04:37 EDT

I was reading a list digest mail in SimpleMail but got the clanking noise=

to signify the end while only halfway through it. I can't find a setting
that would explain/rectify this weird behaviour. The size of the mails lo=
okay, about 30k to 50k. When they were downloading (SMail preference is
set to Download from server, not Browse), nothing indicated that they did=
download properly.

Another 'weirdity': I opened a book in NewtScape and saved it in Works.
When opened Works, I got "This doc uses stationary that is not installed=

and cannot be displayed.(paper)". Strange, because I've used Works fine
in the past. I reinstalled it and it worked. Tried it again and have had
the same error since.

Thanks for any help, Shabaz.

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