Re: [NTLK] WaveLan And WavePoint access Point....

From: Ken Whitcomb (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 00:44:17 EDT

Check out Rob Fronhe's 802.11b (with notes for a mod to use it with
802.11a!) external antenna hack at his site. He also has a link for a page
describing how to add an external antenna to an Apple Airport Basestation
(Lucent sells some tabletop models and one can purchase her or his own
connector to make their own). Rob's instructions rival those of Frank's
battery refurb pages in thouroughness. They must be cut from the same cloth.

Btw, with a good line-of-site setup, he claims a 10 mile range (better mount
them high!)

Ken Whitcomb

> Jesse
> I'm not sure what ban the dish was designed to work with, but I've
> seen reports of a 2.4Ghz signal @ 50% Strength as far as 4.5 miles...
> You could have alot of fun pointing an antenna down the road and seeing
> what you might find to play with.. I'm not condoning this, just letting
> you know what COULD happen.. I sit once in a while and listen to
> cordless phones, Cells, and the County Emergency Freqs.. But, This is a
> GREAT way to extend your Network coverage, and there are plans for a
> Flat Panel, and a Coliner there also, Have fun and play, as far as I
> know you don't need a license for 2.4Ghz to play some, or own an
> amplifier?.. Just remember your playing with MicroWave!... This ain't
> the safest place to experiment....Jeff

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