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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 00:59:13 EDT

Unfortunatly, like most human illness's, this Newton
Malady has no real cure...In fact, no one really knows
what causes it. Research funds are all but nonexistant
and Newton scientists are working with what little
they have to come up with a cure. But it doesn't look
Speculation as to the cause ranges from dirt (either
under the screen bezel or dirt on the contacts for the
touch screen) to worn spots on the touch screen to
components not seated fully and even software...There
is nothing conclusive...
While the "Jaggies" can't really ever be cured, you
can lessen the symptoms by first cleaning any crud
from between the display and the bezel. This is done
by wedging a business card between the pieces and
moving it around the display. But, most likely the
Jaggies will return...Additionally, some people have
had luck with dissembling the Newt and burnishing the
contact pads of the touch screen (the touch display
contacts are pressure fit and touching a different
metal giving a problem related to dissimilar metals
leading to ionic oxidation. Burnishing the contacts
with an eraser and reassembling sometimes gives
temporary relief. I would recomend that if you do
this, you reduce the reoccurance of this problem by
using some kind of contact enhancer. I use a product
called "R5! Power Booster!" (it sounds better if you
use a "racing" announcer radio vice) It works wonders
and I use it on everything from my car, boat,
computer...everything that needs an electronic
connection. It's expensive (4 bucks for a 1/2 ounce) I
got mine at MicroCenter. but you can go to My own method of cure is brutal but
works temporarily. Grasping the Newt at oposite ends
and exerting a twisting motion, like a torsion against
the lateral newton will bring relief. The belief here
is that the torsioning will cause contacts to grind
together thereby gouging through any accumulated
oxidation of dirt.
The worn screen is usually terminal...and in most
cases, the Jaggies is a terminal illness. (I got so
frustrated at my newt I threw it to the ground! I felt
so bad having damaged my friend in such a way that I
sent it to Apple for a complete refurb...which they
aren't doing anymore) You may be better off replacing
it with another...just make sure you don't get the
same problem...and get a new one soon before you begin
to hate your newt and ruin a special relationship!
web/gadget guru
--- Michael Nerad <> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I
> have been recovering from a serious illness and have
> not had the energy to write. But, I have read all of
> the daily digests and have appreciated all of the
> expert news, advice and opinions.
> I have read the FAQ's, and searched old posts, but I
> wasn't able to discern a clear solution to my
> situation(probably my own ignorance). I desperately
> need help with a couple of problems that have come
> up in the last couple of days.
> My original Newton 2100 is my main computing device.
> I have severe disabilities in both my hands and
> elbows that make it very painful to use a keyboard,
> and I therefore use my Newton for it's ease of use,
> and relief of pain. I have returned to school as a
> non-traditional student for a new career direction
> and I depend on my Newton for many hours of daily
> assistance.
> About a week ago, the 2100 began to have pen
> alignment problems. No matter how many times I reset
> the alignment in the preferences, the pen was never
> in the correct and expected point. This was erratic;
> with the alignment sometimes being higher, lower,
> left, right, always changing.
> Sometimes thought things would be normal. I have not
> added any new software in months or changed any
> settings or preferences in other programs. I cleaned
> the screen, and made sure there was no debris by
> gently running a business card around the screen and
> it's frame.
> Well, things have taken a turn for the worse, Today
> my 2100 decided that along with the alignment
> problems, it now has severe jaggies. It is unusable
> in this state. Help! What can I do? Is this a
> hardware issue, and if so, is there anyone who can
> repair this for me?
> Any of your expert advice is needed immediately! I
> need this computer ASAP. I can not take the pain of
> using a key board on a regular basis, and I need to
> find a solution(s). If you feel it is more
> appropriate, please feel free to email me privately
> also.
> I know that there must be someone who has had this
> combination of problems. I am the original owner of
> this Newton from Apple. Are they the ones to fix
> this, or should I run from this idea?
> I look forward to what I am sure what will be many
> helpful suggestions. Thank you in advance for your
> time, help, and kindness.
> Michael Nerad

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