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> Mike said at =D2[NTLK] Connection questions=D3.
> [27/06/2002Jeu 07:59]
>> I see sporadic posts about syncing with palm desktop. I have Palm 4.0
>> desktop which I use to sync with my sony clie, but cannot figure out how
>> to
>> sync to my newton.
> Me too, I dont really undestand how to sync betewen my Palm Desktop (2.6 or
> 4) and my Newton. I also want to transfer all my sony cli=E9 data onto my MP.

NCU has the option of synchronizing with a few organizers. Back when NCU was
released, one of the most popular organizer was Claris Organizer. Later,
Palm did buy Claris Organizer and it became "Palm Desktop". From what I've
read here many times, the file format for Palm Desktop is the same than what
NCU handles, so people create their files in Palm Desktop and then
synchronize them in NCU. I'm sure that if you search in the NewtonTalk
archive, you should be able to find plenty of messages that explain who to
do that. I never did myself but I know that some people keep their Palm and
their Newton in sync this way.


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