Re: [NTLK] Option Globetrotter (was: Newton wireless: GPRS / PC-Card / Bluetooth)

From: Camillus Guhl (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 04:07:59 EDT

> That's great! The best you can do to find the correct modem strings is
> taking a look at the windows .inf file (the installer for the modem). Then
> use ModemModifier for entering those strings. I've done that in the past,
> let me know if you need some instructions.

Daniel, I just downloaded the .inf files and I am trying to read out the
correct init strings. In case I need some hints I will contact you offlist.

>> My 2100 refused to work with my (old) option firstfone (timed out all the
>> time) after a few months, now it seems to have the very same problem with the
>> globetrotter - I will give it a try in my spare newton 2100 or try to get it
>> dial into a GSM network/internet with PT100.

> I'm very interested.

Sadly it did not work in my second 2100 either. It was not even accessible for
AT commands with PT100 what did work with the old FirstFone. An install on a
win2k laptop failed as well, I hope the globetrotter is not a defective one...

Regards Cam

p.s.: Yes, a trial unit ;-) I want to publish a globetrotter review on

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