[NTLK] re Locale

From: L vRooy (ara_at_dwaf.pwv.gov.za)
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 04:42:17 EDT

Laurent lamented:
-- Only I guess the best markets for Apple were represented.
--That's why you had US, Canada, Canada (French), United Kingdom,=
 --Australia and Sweden. Or maybe there were some internal politics --inside=
 Apple as to what country to support...

Mmm... at the time SA was politically very correct. Suppose when it did=
 eventually filter through, the Newton was stopped. Yes, the Market$ do have=
 the ultimate say (John Gallt?)- over here it is a very small market indeed.

Another Q (Dropped 130 <was Locale> I suppose)- I dropped my 130 and only=
 Sean Luke's experience with an unseated daughtercard (FAQ) saved it from=
 the dustbin. I pushed here & there on the innards which seem like they can=
 come loose. It worked for a while. But now it's back to a 'dead' 130 again.=
 Which of the components is likely to come disloged? An how can it (they) be=
 made to stay lodged?


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