Re: [NTLK] Adjustable backlight?

From: Dan (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 13:33:27 EDT

>battery tray. It is possible but would at first require re-engineering of
>the schematic of that part and finally modifying parts. A very simple
>approach would be to replace the current limiting resistor of the power
>transistor, which is switching the current thru the inverter coil by an
>adjustable part.
>Any modification like this would require modification of the case to have a
>knob sticking out and would render the modified mobo unique or defect ;-)
>With best regards / Viele Gruesse
>Marco Mailand

Hmm not necessarily, you could just have a little adjustment pod (like a
pentameter), then adjust it once like you want and leave it at that. A pain
to adjust but if you were out to just make a non standard backlight more
like the newton in brightness or to reduce battery consumption then this
would be fine. A set it and forget it approach, unless say a few years
later it started to fade and you want to "up it a notch or two" to


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