Re: [NTLK] Desperately Seeking Wise, Kind Help...

From: James Elliott (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 13:16:08 EDT

Perhaps you could grab one of the "cosmetically damaged" 55 dollar Newts.


>on 26/06/02 21:23, Michael Nerad at wrote:
> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been
>recovering from a
> > serious illness and have not had the energy to write. But, I have
>read all of
> > the daily digests and have appreciated all of the expert news, advice and
> > opinions.
> >
> > I have read the FAQ's, and searched old posts, but I wasn't able
>to discern a
> > clear solution to my situation(probably my own ignorance). I
>desperately need
> > help with a couple of problems that have come up in the last
>couple of days.
> >
> > My original Newton 2100 is my main computing device. I have severe
> > disabilities in both my hands and elbows that make it very painful to use a
> > keyboard, and I therefore use my Newton for it's ease of use, and relief of
> > pain. I have returned to school as a non-traditional student for
>a new career
> > direction and I depend on my Newton for many hours of daily assistance.
> >
> > About a week ago, the 2100 began to have pen alignment problems.
>No matter how
> > many times I reset the alignment in the preferences, the pen was
>never in the
> > correct and expected point. This was erratic; with the alignment sometimes
> > being higher, lower, left, right, always changing.
> >
> > Sometimes thought things would be normal. I have not added any
>new software in
> > months or changed any settings or preferences in other programs.
>I cleaned the
> > screen, and made sure there was no debris by gently running a business card
> > around the screen and it's frame.
> >
> > Well, things have taken a turn for the worse, Today my 2100
>decided that along
> > with the alignment problems, it now has severe jaggies. It is
>unusable in this
> > state. Help! What can I do? Is this a hardware issue, and if so, is there
> > anyone who can repair this for me?
> >
> > Any of your expert advice is needed immediately! I need this
>computer ASAP. I
> > can not take the pain of using a key board on a regular basis,
>and I need to
> > find a solution(s). If you feel it is more appropriate, please feel free to
> > email me privately also.
> >
> > I know that there must be someone who has had this combination of
>problems. I
> > am the original owner of this Newton from Apple. Are they the ones to fix
> > this, or should I run from this idea?
> >
> > I look forward to what I am sure what will be many helpful
>suggestions. Thank
> > you in advance for your time, help, and kindness.
> >
> > Michael Nerad
> >
> >

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