Re: [NTLK] Newton 4 Newbies/dead 2100

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 00:01:36 EDT

Naw, for it to be "Kung Fu", it would need to be a
"Supa Cap" (which would be right next to the
"Supa-fly", but not on a Newton!)
If you point your browser here:
you will see the newton opened up in all it's glory.
For alignment sake, the NIC port is on the left and
the batteries are on the right.
You can see the supercap clearly on the lower-left
side of the picture. Basically what it does is hold a
minute charge and "trickles" it out to the Newt in
order to retain volatile memory. Depending on the age
of the Cap(acitor) depends on how long it holds a
The reason it's called a supercap is because most
capacitors are rated in "micro-farads" (don't get me
going into details on a farad). A supercap is rated in
tenths of a farad or even in farads! This is hundreds
of times more capacity than a normal capacitor!

But the voltage is very low and you don't have to
worry about shocking yourself or using insulated can find the contacts (positive and
negative) for the supercap easily and just jumper
them. (I used a pair of forceps, but even the
ubiquitous (Mac) paperclip will work. (Back in
highschool, we used to charge up electrolitic
capacitors with a hi-voltage generator and then toss
them to people. They would invariable catch them and
get quite a shock!...What fun! <geek entertainment>))

This will assure that your powerup will be fresh and
with no saved prior settings.

Ed (Super-geek)
web/gadget guru

--- James Mackey <> wrote:
> That sounds like some pretty good Kung Fu. Where is
> the "supercap"? From the
> name, I would guess that I ought to insulate myself
> from the tweezers, or at
> least not try to short it out with my tongue.
> And the iron is 15/30 watt dual, with an ultra-fine
> tip that has been
> through3 Xbox Enigmah mods (58 solder points
> apiece!). I'll change the tip
> out in order to get rid of the cooties.

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