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Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 00:39:04 EDT

Hmm well there are several software packages that allow you to design lists
or questionares in the newt or on your computer, compile into packages and
then download into the newt. Notion is one that allows custom designing of
there were a few others like:
Leverage-a database program, could be used but probably not the one used.
Gaia Forms-more likely since it is designed to do oders serveys and offload
the data. These were custom designed, and since Disney has lots of bucks
makes it likely.

Filepad-a database program that allows custom desiging of databases and
allows easy export of the data to well known programs.

Informed Filler-also a likely canditate since it links to popular programs,
allows designing of forms on the computer and then downloding to the newton
then you can send all data from the newt to the PC for further processing or
just offloading. This one looks preaty slick, it would be my personal
choice at least as you get to design your own forms and can make changes on
the spot if needed.

Perhaps there are more but these are ones that I know of.


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>I got questioned by a Disney Newton toteing employee 2 years ago in
>The only thing I
>remember was that they had a custom software package filled with different
>pickers that they
>would choose based on the answers you gave. It was a MP120 or 130.
>Jesse Garnier wrote:
>> What kind of Newton device did Disney use? Do they still use them? Has
>> anybody ever seen one or used one? Is it true that it was a custom Newton
>> device developed after the 2100? Do I have to apply for a job at
>> to find out? ;)
>> --Jesse
>> P.S. Does anybody know if they were used at the Tokyo or Paris
>> And does anybody really go to those?
>> P.P.S. Is there life on Mars?
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