Re: [NTLK] The Big [OT] debates

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 08:10:19 EDT

=2E..and how the Newt. allows me to retain/share/update info. and share =
from my Newt. without being stuck to a desk.

BTW, to be 'sharing/updating' Newton-related info., my workhorse HP340 =
with IrDA adapter choked on a rubber cap., :-( lasted 4 years, bought it =
because the Newt.(and the Sony VAIO's with IrDA) could beam to print. =
Went shopping, only considered HP's with IrDA ports, found 5 choices, =
looks like the Photosmart 1215 is the next Newton-compatible printer, by =
the time I lowered my arm after tapping 'now' in the print slip 1/4 of a =
text page was printed. I'm paying the same amount US$299.00-$50.00 rebate =
for a CF/SM-USB/PAR.-Newton printer as I did in 1998(not portable but I =
carry the PrintPack cable), not bad. :-)
>You know? The stated reason for this list is to discuss items related to
>our beloved Newts -- Long live the Green!!
>BUT... I really get a LARGER Kick out of the wonderful OT discussions we
>get off on. I have learned so much interesting information, and found

!ooW %-)
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