[NTLK] The Big [OT] debates

From: SuerthP_at_andersonnews.com
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 10:13:34 EDT

     1) ot is cool, i do more than just newt, and well its not much mor=
but some, so it stands to reason things other than newt are worthwhile

2) other than my own home, there is a place that makes the perfect pout=
its called "la patate a robert", the running (long running) joke is tha=
robert's patate is his wife=2E i swear on all that is green and has
multi-colored logos that you will never eat better poutines than here;
steak poutine (cube steak with onions), poulet & poutine, poutine
itallienne, frite-sauce etc, even non-poutine items such as the 'specia=
robert', a hamburger with ham, finely sliced lettuce & onions and pickl=
relish or the "hot-dog steam=E9", yes that's quebecois for steamed bun
hot-dog=2E to get there take the trans-canada highway north from montr=
(#20 in quebec)=2E follow it north for about two hours (depending on yo=
driving) past st=2E hyacinthe (the worlds first aerodrome "flyaway" inv=
by the man who invented the burpless baby bottle liner) and drummondvil=
(home of the quebec old-time theme park)=2E at exit # 220 (as long as t=
still numbered the same) for Daveluyville, get off the highway and go l=
(west) for a few km=2E before you get to town proper (if you see the ch=
you've gone to far), don't blink or you'll miss it, you should see la
patate on your left side (south) jsut before the carpet store (if its s=
there) and just after a fruit and vegetable stand on the right side
(ditto)=2E there you will find poutine nervana=2E if you see la patate =
will know her when you see her, just don't call her that, she's a saint=
pls tell here paul alix says hello and i miss her=2E

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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:27:47 -0700
Subject: [NTLK] The Big [OT] debates
From: Redghost <redghost_at_attbi=2Ecom>

You know? The stated reason for this list is to discuss items related =
our beloved Newts -- Long live the Green!!

BUT=2E=2E=2E I really get a LARGER Kick out of the wonderful OT discuss=
ions we
get off on=2E I have learned so much interesting information, and foun=
reasons to broaden my horizons from the ramblings of almost all the OT

Keep up the good work and most of the OT discussions are worth the time=

spent in reading and writing them=2E Thank you to all who support our
Tangential discussions and the main topics


-Still looking for that perfect dish of Poutine!=

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