Re: [NTLK] The Big [OT] debates

From: Brian (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 06:46:34 EDT

>You know? The stated reason for this list is to discuss items related to
>our beloved Newts -- Long live the Green!!

>BUT... I really get a LARGER Kick out of the wonderful OT discussions we
>get off on. I have learned so much interesting information, and found
>reasons to broaden my horizons from the ramblings of almost all the OT

And here I've, on digest mode and wading thru the pseudo-religious stuff
and the whole airplane thing, just to mention recent ones, not to mention
the folks who can't remember to edit thir posts EVER so you get 5-10
screens even on the desktop, let alone reading on the Newt, with little
addition at the top or bottom, OT to boot, sometimes it's just not worth
opening and scrolling through the digests. Especially when I was on
vacation and accessing thru modem. There IS such a thing as private email
(you can even send to multiple people, and "reply to all", and it's your
own mini-list) or the lists set up by list members for just rambling
topics, guys.

This list has always had a lot of traffic but face it, often not much of it
is newton-related anymore. Perhaps 40% Newton with some digests, would be
my guess (we could estimate from the subject headers, but the digest mode
leaves a lot of headers out of the summary).

Perhaps that's a stat to add to the monthly statistic announcement: %age
of on topic posts.

It's got a cool t-shirt though :)



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