Re: [NTLK] selling cheap newtons

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 06:16:28 EDT

>PCBman wrote:
>> my 2=A2
>> USPS 4lbs - $12.85 including delivery confirmation and $500 insurance.
>> IMHO $15 flat fee is fair to ship both John.
>I'll happily pay $15 to ship both. But I think he was saying that he want=
>$15 for each one. Plus, $500 insurance?? These are Newtons that were
>purchased for $40 from that Mike guy that have no stylus, no battery, no A=
>and are not great cosmetically. I think $100 insurance per Newton is
>So, again, should be able to ship each one for under $10 easily with $100
>insurance. And two for about $16 w/ $200 insurance.
> - John...

My 2 cents: Shipping is a difficult thing to assess if you are going to
ship world wide. He needs to have an average price that will also cover
the very expensive (by comparison) costs overseas. If he limits his
sales to the US, then he can ship for less. Quibbling over a few dollars
in shipping costs seems a bit silly to me.

Mark Ross

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