[NTLK] NCU first timer

From: David Firth (djfirth_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 19:22:51 EDT

Although I've had a Newton 2100 or two since '98, I've never used NCU or NBU
with them. NPI worked great for me and I backed up to my memory card. NPI
never complained on my Powerbook 3400 via serial. On my iBook (dual USB if
it matters) under OS 9.2 with (now) a Keyspan dual serial adapter I can't
connect. The various instructions I read say there's a connection icon in
Extras, but my 2100 has no such icon. Thinking that these instructions might
be older than the 2100, I tried various attempts via Dock.

I'm stumped. Would someone let me in on the secret? What settings work for
you and how do you initiate communications with either NCU or NBU?

If Appletalk is required I haven't tried that since Appletalk is set up for
Ethernet for my Earthlink DSL connection.

David Firth
djfirth_at_earthlink.net (Newtontalk list only)
djfirth_at_mindspring.com (Mac, Newton email, & General)

Apple iBook 500/640/10G/DSL Apple Newton 2100

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